Todd Collins, originally from Peoria, Illinois, is a graduate of Purdue University, and has lived and worked in Utah for 22 years.  After three years at the Park City Radisson, he transferred to the Alta Peruvian Lodge, where he has been General Manager since 1997. He is also a professional photographer of 10 years.  His varied fields of photographic work include weddings, promotional, personal portfolios, and architecture, to name a few.

Todd Collins - ACVB Board Member

What brought you to Alta? What made you stay in Alta?

In 1996 I was working at one of our sister hotels, the Radisson Inn Park City (now called The Park City Peaks Hotel, no longer one of our properties).  At that time the position of Front Office Manager at the Peruvian opened up and I transferred over here.  Surprisingly our General Manager left after one season. I was asked to take over his position.  It’s been a long journey from then until now, and it’s been a very rewarding experience both in terms of cultivating new seasonal employees each season, as well as continually making improvements to the lodge.  I’m sure I will end up retiring from the hotel business at the Peruvian.

Why do you love Alta?

I love Alta because more than most other ski areas, it is a place that is in a world and time of it’s own.  Our guests would be happy if we never changed a thing, because we are almost like their second home, and it’s always fun to come home.

What is your can’t miss Alta experience?

Aside from the spectacular skiing experiences, I would say that watching the sun set behind Mount Superior from our hot tubs is definitely a can’t miss!

Series Finale

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