Although it is overshadowed as a mountain biking destination by the world-class trail networks in Park City and the Salt Lake Valley, Alta is nevertheless a great place to ride, particularly during the hottest stretches of summer.

The most popular ride in Alta is a loop beginning in downtown Alta and culminating with the Devil’s Castle Loop trail. Start your ride from the Community Bike Repair Stand near the top of the Albion Base Parking Lot, and ride into Albion Basin either via the Summer Road, or on the Albion Meadows Trail. Once you reach the Albion Basin Campground, follow the signs to the “Castle Loop,” and enjoy the climb beneath the towering cliffs of Devil’s Castle. Return to the Albion Base on the Albion Meadows Trail or by rejoining the Summer Road. Other options for biking involve the Catherine’s Pass trail, the trail to Twin Lakes Pass, the service roads around Alta Ski Area, or linking up to the small network of trails down at Snowbird. If you are new to mountain biking in Alta, please be aware of a few things:

  • Mountain bikes are prohibited on the Cecret Lake trail.
  • Trails in Alta are extremely popular with hikers, and can be very crowded at times; please give other trail users the right-of-way.
  • Alta’s trails and service roads offer fantastic scenery, but as mountain bike trails they are very steep, rocky, and challenging.
  • Please help us take care of Alta’s beloved trails and pristine natural setting by staying on designated trails at all times, and avoiding trails that are muddy due to rain or snowfall.
  • Check out the Town of Alta summer recreation map¬†for more information about trails and summer amenities in Alta.