December 29, 2017

Alta, A Piece of Heaven

Alta's Spa - Alta Ski Area - Alta, UtahWhat brought you to Alta?

I love to travel and spent the earlier part of my life wandering around the United States. Along the way I found myself living in Tennessee and decided I preferred the mountain states. I literally pointed to a map and decided Salt Lake City would be a great place to go back to school. (School is always a great excuse to move when family is wondering why you want to go wandering again.)

I worked in the Alta Day Spa in the Rustler Lodge under the previous owner Wendy Allred. I LOVED the majestic beauty of these mountains. I stepped away from Alta for a bit to work on the other side of the mountains while I was pregnant with my first baby, Corum.

When Operations for the Rustler Spa came up in 2006 I was offered the job of running the spa business and opened my first location in the Rustler.

What made you stay in Alta?

Even though I have not yet had the opportunity to learn how to ski… YUP it’s still the bunny slope for me! I never tire of beauty and community that Alta holds. During my time in Alta I have been able to expand spa locations and took over operations for the Goldminer’s Daughter Spa and then a few years later the Snowpine Lodge Spa. We have since expanded to become the Mountainside Spa brand with locations in Holladay as well. Our Holladay location actually insures that my team and I can return to Alta year after year.

Why do you love Alta?

Even though I operate several businesses within the town and my son Corum goes to school in the Alta school room, it is the fresh air and the smiling faces of friends that constantly remind me how life should be lived that brings me back year after year. Some how this Miami girl fell in love with this snowy mountain town

What’s your “can’t miss” Alta experience?

While I know that most people would say the slopes; for me I think a piece of heaven and earth collide when you get a massage or facial and then go relax in the heated pool with a drink of choice in hand.

Mountainside Spa

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