November 30, 2017

Alta, A Family Affair

Canyon Services - Sara Eubank - Alta Ski AreaWhat brought you to Alta?

Sara: I grew up in Ogden, Utah – and didn’t get to know Alta fully until I was about nine years old.  My Dad and Mom loved Alta and everything about it – and it rubbed off on my siblings and me.  As a young girl, I was a dancer – so I was not allowed to ski. By the time I turned 12 – I wanted to ski – so I changed sports! I’ve been in love with it ever since.  I even taught skiing at Deer Valley and Brighton Ski Resorts.  For me, the sound of my skis sliding on the snow, the crisp, cold air whistling past my face, the incredible stillness of the majestic mountains of Alta are a spiritual high. 

I even remember that my first skis were blue wood and so long I could not carry them.  Then I graduated to Head skis and I thought I was pretty hot!  

As I entered high school, My Dad got involved with the Rustler Lodge.  So, my family and I got to enjoy new lodge digs! We spent a lot of time doing stuff at Alta’s Rustler Lodge – helping out when we could and generally making a nuisance of ourselves. We loved every nook and cranny! My young daughters spent their formative years hanging out at Alta’s Rustler Lodge and skiing at Alta from the time they could walk! My oldest, Michel, is an amazing skier to this day. 

What made you stay in Alta?

Sara: I’ve stayed involved with Alta partly because I joined the staff at Canyon Services, renting luxury condos and homes to guests from all over the world – who make Alta home for their ski vacations.  I’ve spent the last 20 years promoting this amazing place that is somewhat still hidden and a unique gem among ski resorts.  Many have heard of Alta, and a select group have had the opportunity to experience its wonder.

Why do you love Alta?

Sara: My love affair with Alta began early on. My Dad skied with Alf Engen way back when skis were twelve feet long and tethered to your feet with very long leather straps! We began going to Alta as a family just to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and to have delicious meals at the Alta Lodge.  Through my childhood years – we spent a lot of time at the Alta Lodge for business meetings and weekend vacations just to get out of  Ogden. I  LOVED the chocolate soufflé!  

What’s your “can’t miss” Alta experience?

Sara: My “can’t miss” Alta experience is to hit the slopes on a weekday, after a new light snowfall. The Magic of the mountain, the quiet, the solitude, the crisp cold, the diamonds dancing over the snow are a treat that is not to be missed and a totally natural high.  

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