The leaves are starting to change in the Wasatch. The bright reds and yellows means ski season is around the corner, but there’s still time to enjoy the outdoors in the town of Alta without the winter coat. The trails are filled with runners, hikers and bicyclists squeezing out every bit of Little Cottonwood’s Indian summer and you know they’re working up an appetite. Chef Sam Wolfe knows this. That’s why he’s running the Alta Lodge brunch till October 14 and his brunch dishes are inspired by his love of travel and the outdoors.

Originally from Utica, New York, Sam came to Alta in 1983 to pursue his “graduate studies” in skiing after earning a degree in American History from Syracuse University. Inspiration for this decision came from a ten-day trip Sam and his brother had taken to Utah the previous year. Staying in Alta and getting a sense of the Alta vibe, Sam saw himself at Alta. He found a home and a job at Watson Shelter where, according to Sam, “I was living the dream— skiing every day and on full-moon evenings.” As a river guide in Colorado in 1984, Sam met his wife Margot, who was also a river guide at the time.

The Only Thing Sweeter Than Fall Days at Alta is what Chef Sam is Cooking

They have spent past summers cooking in restaurants in Alaska or Hawaii, and winters were spent in Alta. Sam started at Alta Lodge in 1987 as a breakfast cook, he became Lodge Sous-Chef in 1991, Now Sam is the Alta Lodge Head Chef. Many of Sam’s cuisine ideas come from the extensive international travels he and Margot have taken over the years. Not bound by formal recipes, Sam has an uncanny ability to recreate a dish he has tasted somewhere else, and make it his own. This summer Sam and Margot’s adventures included traveling to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in June. He has added some new items to our summer menu inspired by his travels.

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