What’s your background in marketing?

For the past 10 years I have worked as the Marketing Manager and Content Director at Ski Utah, during which time I had the opportunity to not only work closely with all Utah ski resorts but of course, Alta too.

Do you have a background in Alta? Did you grow up skiing?

My parents met as ski bums at Breckenridge so skiing is in my blood. Immediately out of college I moved to Utah to ski for one winter. It’s funny because Connie’s husband George Marshall hired me that first year where I worked as a lifty for two winters and proudly called the Buckhorn home. After taking a break from bumping chairs, I worked for two winters as a photographer with Dobber at Peak Photo.

My second winter on the lift department I showed up two days before Thanksgiving in 2001 and there was not a flake of snow in the canyon. THEN, the 100 inch in 100 hours storm hit which was and still is the most incredible thing I’ve ever witnessed as a skier.

Positions like yours don’t turnover too often in Alta…Connie Marshal was in the job for 44 years and she’s responsible for bringing a lot of people to Alta, and building the brand into the icon it has become. As the company’s second marketing director in its 80-year history, do you have any plans to take the company’s marketing program in new directions?

Yeah, it’s a pretty incredible opportunity to be named Alta’s second marketing director ever. I have such an incredible respect for Connie, the Queen of Alta, and everything that she stood for. Like many of us, I learned so much from her over the last couple of months here at Alta and over the last decade at Ski Utah. My plan moving forward is to not mess anything up, haha. But in all seriousness, Alta’s brand and voice is so rich and revered that I plan to lean heavily on content marketing, which is storytelling through video, photography, experiences and social media to remind the world why Alta is unique and different in a changing ski landscape when resorts are becoming more homogenized through acquisition and conglomerations.

What are the challenges you anticipate facing in the new job?

I anticipate that it will take some time integrating myself into this tight-knit company and family, in which there is such amazing tenure within positions. There are two great challenges that I anticipate. The first one not only applies to Alta but to the entire ski industry and that’s figuring out how to grow the number of skiers as the percentage of skiers worldwide is in a state of decline.

The second challenge is our road and Hwy 210. I want to be an active participant in conversations around making travel up and down Hwy 210 a much better experience that what we currently face.

What’s so great about Alta??

Our 30-year snowfall average is 545″. Do you want more? I love that Alta is still weird and different, I love that we are a ski area and not a ski resort.

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