The Alta Environmental Center’s (AEC) mission is simple, sustainability, to protect and improve the well being of Alta’s environment, ski industry and community. As the stewards of our privately owned and Forest Service permitted lands, AEC addresses the challenges posed by increased visitation, development and growth. The day to day work of the AEC includes…

  1. Pursuing sustainability internally for Alta Ski Area through the conservation of energy, water, land, and business.
  2. Acting as a resource to our community in an effort to promote more sustainability initiatives through partnerships and stewardship.
  3. Encouraging and foster environmental education and research through internal and third party collaboration to guide management efforts.

Alta Environmental Center - Alta Ski Area - Alta, Utah

Last summer AEC completed 22 stewardship events with over 450 volunteers that provided 2,000 hours of work, including 750 students from a variety of schools. They planted 1,520 Douglas Fir seedlings and over 2,000 native flowering plants. The AEC partnered with Friends of Alta and HawkWatch to survey over 40 miles. The AEC Crew and partners at Friends of Alta and Cottonwood Canyons Foundation worked over 100 hours surveying and pulling invasive weeds over 88 acres around Alta and applied an insecticide on 300 limber pines to protect from infestation of the mAlta Environmental Center - Alta Ski Area - Alta, Utahountain pine beetle.
After a busy winter the AEC is ramping up for another productive summer season. They will continue to partner with other non-profits for major events throughout the summer, Town Of Alta Restoration Day, Alta Ski Area Clean-up, Owl Prowl, Alta Kid’s Day, Alta Ski Area Tree Planting and monthly Weed Warrior Weed Pulls. In addition, see below for other internal efforts by the Alta Environmental Center.

  • Breeding Bird & Vegetation Surveys – last year of data collection for a baseline analysis partnered with Tracy Aviary and Friends of Alta
  • Nina-Corkscrew Restoration – this is our last year (third post project year) of working the earth and planting 3,000 native plants from hand-picked seed. After this year’s plantings we will continue to monitor its progress and remove any weeds that may come that way.
  • Supreme lift – the AEC will be working closely with the construction crew to protect sensitive areas, save healthy plants, and re-establish the disturbed sites within a timely manner that focuses on native vegetation
  • Albion Meadows Trail Reroute – we will be working with the Forest Service, Cottonwood Canyons Foundation and community of course to finish up this reroute and decommission the old trail. The decommissioning will work to reestablish riparian areas to a natural state.
  • Seedling Survival Study – This is the last year for data collection on a 6-year study monitoring the survival of seedlings in partnership with Friends of Alta.

Stay tuned for a full schedule of events and get involved this summer with the Alta Environmental Center!

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